Saturday, 13 August 2016

The Crucible I

Tomorrow (August 14th) is the The Crucible I, at The Den in Windermere. Details can of course be found on our website. We hope you all have a great time, and remember to bring your models, army list, dice, tape measures, warscrolls etc!
Remember that you don't have to have your models painted for this event - its not long since the general's handbook was released, and we know that this has meant that many players have had to introduce new units into their armies. We felt that it was unfair to penalise those with smaller collections - but be warned that everything will have to be painted for AGOM XVII in October.

Speaking of which, in case you hadn't guessed from the name, Lord Rafl's Raiders will be the Raffle Army at AGOM XVII. I've included a WIP of Lord Rafl himself - more updates on this as we get closer to AGOM XVII!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Lord Rafl's Raiders

So, following on from the last post on how to write an army list, I thought that an example could be useful. The following is Lord Rafl's Raiders, a Beastclaw Raider army which will appear at The Crucible I and AGOM XVII (although in a different, non-playing form - more on that in a later post).

Lord Rafl's Raiders
Grand Alliance: Destruction
Faction Allegiance: Beastclaw Raiders
Game Allegiance: Beastclaw Raiders - Battle Traits: Beastclaw Stampede, The Everwinter's Blessing

Battalion: Eurlbad - contains all following models

      • 60 pts

  • Huskard on Stonehorn, Blood Vulture
      • Leader, Behemoth
      • General, Command Trait: Everwinter's Master
      • Artefact: The Pelt of Charngar
      • 380 pts
  • Stonehorn Beastriders, Blood Vulture & Harpoon Launcher,
      • Behemoth, Battleline
      • 360 pts
  • Mournfang Pack (6 models), Culling Clubs and Iron Fists, 
    • Horn Blower, Banner Bearer, Skalg with Ironlock Pistol
      • Battleline
      • 600 pts
  • Mournfang Pack (2 models), Gargant Hackers
    • Horn Blower, Skalg with Ironlock Pistol
      • Battleline
      • 200pts
  • Mournfang Pack (2 models), Gargant Hackers
    • Horn Blower, Skalg with Ironlock Pistol
      • Battleline
      • 200 pts
  • Mournfang Pack (2 models), Gargant Hackers
    • Horn Blower, Skalg with Ironlock Pistol
      • Battleline
      • 200 pts
Total Points: 2000

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Writing an army list for The Crucible I (& AGOM XVII)

We are just a week away from The Crucible I, so it is probably worth going over how to write your army list for the event! Hopefully this is fairly obvious, but just in case, here is the procedure.

Writing an Army List 

  1. Choose your grand alliance: Order, Chaos, Death or Destruction - all the models you select must be from one alliance.
  2. Decide your initial faction allegiance for army list selection purposes - this may unlock certain units as Battleline. If you take units from a number of factions within a grand alliance, then your allegiance will default to your chosen grand alliance.
  3. Armies cannot exceed 2000 points in size, and will use the restrictions for a "Battlehost"/2000 point game as found on page 107 of The General's Handbook. Pay the points for units (as multiples of the minimum unit size) making sure not to exceed the maximum size of any unit. Also pay the points for any Battalions that you wish to take in addition to the models that form that battalion.
  4. Below strength units may be used, but will cost the same as a minimum strength unit (so you could take 3 Stormcast Eternals Paladin Retributors but this would cost the same as 5, the minimum listed unit size). 
  5. Make sure you adhere to the requirements of the "Battlehost" size game: 1-6 Leaders, 3 + Battleline units, 0-4 Artillery units and 0-4 Behemoths.
  6. Decide on the number of reinforcement points you wish to take (if any). Remember that these must be paid for out of the 2000 points available to you. The number of reinforcement points and total points spent must be recorded on your army list.
  7. Your army roster should also list each unit, its size and chosen options (such as weapons) and the unit's point cost. You should also note which units form Battalions (if any) and the associated cost should be noted. You should also note if a unit is Battleline, Leader, Behemoth or Artillery. 
  8. Choose your army's game allegiance - this can be your initial faction allegiance or your grand alliance. Record your army's Battle Traits.
  9. Choose which model will be your army general - this will have a bearing on command traits and artefacts as named characters may not take either of these.
  10. Choose a command trait for your general, if applicable.
  11. Choose one artefact, plus an additional artefact for every battalion taken. Record which heroes carry these artefacts. Each hero can carry a maximum of one artefact.
  12. The army's grand alliance, initial faction allegiance, game allegiance (can be the grand alliance or initial faction allegiance), battle traits, general, command trait, artefacts and additional spells must be noted on the list.   
You should bring two copies of your army list to the event, and hand one to the referees on registration. Please make the lists as clear as possible as this will mean we don't have to chase you for extra details!

It should be noted that this means you can't change allegiance, command traits, artefacts, generals, and additional spells between games - once these are chosen they are fixed! The only thing that can change are the units summoned through use of reinforcement points.