Friday, 27 May 2016

AGOM XVII & The Crucible I

So, not even a week to recover from AGOM XVI and we're announcing two new events - The Crucible I and AGOM XVII. Both of these events will use the Match Play rules from the Generals Handbook (to our knowledge this will be released in July).

We'll update the AGOM website with more details once we know them - for now the details are as follows:

The Crucible I: 14th August 2016 - a single day event with three games of 2 1/2 hours each - tickets cost £15 with 16 positions available.

AGOM XVII: 8th & 9th October 2016 - everyone's favourite event is back - a weekend of gaming - 5 games of  2 1/2 hours each - tickets cost £25 with 32 positions available. We've already sold 10 tickets for this one - so make sure you pick one up sooner rather than later if you want to go!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Assorted photos from AGOM XVI

The players and judges managed to get a number of photos throughout the tournament - here are a few of their efforts.

Ratties line up for battle...

...and advance across the river.

The Stormcast Eternals march forth.

Dracothian Guard wade in!

Lizards occupy the desert.

Civil war! May the best coloured lizard win!

Kroxigors occupy the high ground.

A bird's eye view?

Ogor's crash into the daemon host.

Playing right at the edge of the board? A dangerous game for player and model alike!

Ogors ride forth!

Wrong way, lads!

Gaz poses after beating his opponent for a spot prize

Luke Whitehead - fist shaker extraordinaire!

A tense game pitting Seraphon against Destruction.


The Stormfiends tunnel up behind enemy lines.

An imposing view!

Line up your shot!

Charge of the (very) heavy brigade!

For Glory! For Sigmar!

Might vs. Magic?

The undead close in.

Lining up for battle.

A solid wall of putrescent daemons.

Evening entertainment included the brand new Warhammer Quest Silver Tower, which proved to be a firm favourite with both AGOM players and the events team!

Brave adventurers sally forth into the Silver Tower .

It's all about to go hideously wrong. And it's probably my fault...

AGOM XVI Army Photos

Simon Burdett's Attack on Titan themed destruction horde, complete with friendly mascot.

Luke Whitehead's daemon horde.

Peter Dawes' undead legion.

Luke Garside's Stormcast Eternals.

Paul Whitehead's Monster Mash.

Kati Wood's verminous tide of Skaven.

Best Army nomination 1 - Kati's ratties.

Best Army nomination 2 - Simon's Ogors .

Best Army nomination 3 - and winner of the Golden Horde - Paul Whitehead.

AGOM XVI photos - Award Ceremony

Winners of the Brotherhood Award, Peter Dawes, Luke Whitehead, Paul Whitehead and (not pictured as he had to run off, but proxied by a helpful Stephen) Joe Grimwade.

Proud winner of the Snotling Award in his first tournament ever, Luke Garside.

Warrior of Renown - the Best Sportmanship Award goes to Kati Wood.

Champion of the Realms (highest placed Order) Gareth Beacock.

Mortarch of the Night (highest placed Death) Peter Dawes.

The Everchosen (highest placed Chaos) Luke Whitehead.

Da Great Prophet (highest placed Destruction) Paul Whitehead.

Paul also swipes the Golden Horde Award (for best army).

Gaz takes third place overall as Champion of Might.

Luke accepts his award for second place overall, the Hero of Might Award.

Our AGOMXVI Best General & Lord of Might, Paul Whitehead.

Congratulations to all our award winners!

AGOM XVI photos, Rounds 4 & 5