Wednesday, 17 January 2018

AGOM XX raffle army

The AGOM XX raffle army is done! So much green...

Captain in Gravis armour and Primaris Ancient

Lieutenants and Apothecary








Ravenwing Darkshroud and Landspeeder

Redemptor Dreadnought

Monday, 1 January 2018

AGOM XX - Incoming

Hope you all had a great Christmas & New year! Now that the holidays are (just about) over, it's time to get on with business - AGOM XX!

Due to popular demand, and the invigoration of a new edition, we're doing both 40k and AoS tournaments again (yay!). The current plan is four events a year - which means a lot more raffle armies to paint (boo! Though I might get some help, which would be useful!). 

AGOM XX is our first 8th edition Warhammer 40,000 tournament, held at the usual venue in Kendal - details & tickets at At the time of writing, I believe there are still tickets available. We're using the Eternal War missions from Chapter Approved 2017, and obviously the points updates as well. The pack should be updated to reflect this shortly.

So, raffle army... with a new edition of the game out, we really had to put a (primarily) Primaris Marine army together. This raised the question of colour - did we put the poster boys (Ultramarines still...I miss the days when the Blood Angels were front and centre) together, with Guilliman in the list, or did we go for something else. Ultimately, we decided that every AGOM raffle army should have a codex or battletome, which meant either codex compliant space marines, or Dark/Blood Angels. Or successors, but we'll ignore that. Basically it meant that Space Wolves were out for now. As most of the local marines that we'd seen recently were Ultramarines, the recent release of both the Blood and Dark Angels codices gave us an opportunity to go with something slightly different. As my personal space marine army is Blood Angels, we decided to go for the Dark Angels - and who doesn't love stratagems that make Hellblasters even better!