Sunday, 26 March 2017

AGOM XVIII raffle army progress

After a slight delay (of several months) it's time to start blogging about AGOM again!

Today we look at the progress of the raffle army for AGOMXVIII. Or rather, today I get the models out of a carry case and think about doing more on them...

There's still quite a bit to do on this lot, and since we have another event running at AGOMXVIII I have other stuff to paint as well (though less models) - more on that another time. I'll post updates as each unit is finished off.

 Battleline: Liberators
 Battleline: Liberators
 Battleline: Liberators
Drakesworn Templar 1
 Drakesworn Templar 2, with annoying brown smear on his armour (sigh...)
Lord Celestant on Stardrake