Saturday, 13 October 2018

AGOMXXI raffle army - the sky dwarves

And again, a bit behind schedule with adding these pictures! For AGOMXXI we changed our AoSrafflearmy trend somewhat. Previously I'd done Destruction (Beastclaw Raiders), Order (Stormcasts) and Death (Flesh Eater Courts), so there was a speculation that we'd do a Chaos army. Rumours abound about Archaon and his Varanguard, or four Bloodthisters...

...but no, I ended up painting Kharadron Overlords. I'd originally painted up a Frigate, Brokk Grungsson and an Admiral when they first came out, but found it rather depressing to do - probably because I chose a slightly awkward colour scheme that took a while, particularly on the ships!

Painting a bunch more of them up for the AGOM raffle army represented a good way to get the models out of the house - I didn't need Brokk staring at me in a judgemental way every time I put something else on the sheaf next to him..
"You'd better paint something with balloons on it...or at least buy some Pringles..."

So Mr. Pringles and friends ended up being the next raffle army. With one other addition- Malign Sorcery had recently come out, and at the time the new Lord-Ordinator had quite a few bonuses for people with war machines. The fact the he changed quite soon after the tournament was a bit of a pain from a list design point of view, so I'm somewhat glad that I included the basic Admiral to the army (taking it  over 2000) but leaving it as an option for the winner (or whomever the army ended up with) as top whether they wanted to go all Kharadron or keep the Ordinator in.

On a further note, I've since had a request to add a couple of the other characters and some Endrinriggers to the army, so it's nice to know that it is probably going to be used!

Enough of my rambling.... onto the pics!

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